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Create maps for travel films and lectures

Using the MapCreator software you can - easily and without cartographic knowledge - create physical maps of a very high quality. Physical maps emphasize the natural features of the earth's surface (mountains and valleys, vegetation, water...). The very great amount of geo-data necessary for this has been integrated in the software. Convince yourself of the qualities of MapCreator by looking at some maps.

Creating maps with MapCreator is really easy, the user interface has a completely graphic representation offering numerous possibilities for creating maps:

  • The map extract can be freely adjusted. For a particularly fast setting of the map extract, ca. 100 pre-defined map extracts have been supplied additionally
  • For representing land and sea, a ca. 2.3 GB data base for terrain heights, sea depths, vegetation and satellite photos is available. Land and sea can be represented in relief. The distinctness of the relief is adjustable
  • Inland waters can be represented in very high quality. The edges of the water are drawn softly, the width of the river increases with its course. The quantity of water drawn can be adjusted
  • In addition, borders, towns and a grid can be drawn on the map
  • Any symbols required can be drawn on the map
  • The maps created can be stored in the picture formats BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PBM, PGM and PPM and can be further processed using all normal graphics software

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